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Project description

Restless Development Tanzania is the leading national youth-led development agency, with a mission to demonstrate that young people are a positive asset and can contribute to real progress towards national and global development targets.

Its goal areas include: Civic Participation- Young people are significant contributors to development processes, resulting in government policy and practice that is both beneficial and accountable to young people and all citizens; Livelihoods and Employment- Young people take up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute to their household income and to their communities’ and countries’ economies; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights- Young people observe safe sexual and reproductive practices that lead to healthy lives. We promote the professional youth-led development sector, by supporting government, private sector, and bi- and multilateral agencies to develop youth programmes, and make existing programmes more accessible to young people. These efforts have given Restless Development global awards including STARS* Impact Awards 2007 and consultative status to UNESCO, for its special expertise in the field of youth development. See also http://www.restlessdevelopment.org/globalstrategy

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